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Inspiration from Instagram

March 28, 2017 Photography
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Sometimes, someone does something that makes you stop and think. And sometimes it is that pause that allows…

The thrill of uncertainty

February 22, 2017 Photography
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There is something almost hypnotic about watching a storm roll through Florida. It starts with the big, ominous…

Donate your time

November 19, 2016 Photography
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Sometimes it just feels good to do something with no expectations of receiving anything in return. Helping others…

Photography on the ‘hangout tip’

October 20, 2016 Photography
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Ricky Powell stepped onto the stage at the Seattle Interactive Conference wearing a suit jacket over an untucked…

The value of saying ‘yes’

October 18, 2016 Photography
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The photoshoot was over. The interview complete. I was packing up after catching up with Washington track and…

When you know you’re hooked

September 8, 2016 Photography
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Since it’s Thursday – now more commonly know at #TBT on social media – I was looking back…

‘The picture guy’

September 5, 2016 Photography
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It isn’t easy to switch careers midstream. Shifting from writer to photographer isn’t the typical arc for someone…

First wedding: Rewarding, terrifying

August 29, 2016 Photography
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To take a step forward in any job, it is important to embrace uncomfortable situations. Mary Lou Mulflur,…